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XL Future Leader



As one of the largest telecommunication companies in the country, XL Axiata is launching their biggest CSR program. This is to address their concern regarding expatriate leaders being scattered amongst the huge companies in Indonesia and the lack of more local leaders. The XL Future Leader is providing the Indonesian education what it lacks; soft skills.



Nowadays, an education institute is known based on how their alumni work after graduating. So let’s cut the chase.. Let’s give their first best alumnus the highest position available out there, XL Axiata CEO straight away. 

We start by making a provocative TVC saying that it’s time for the Dreamer Become a Leader


“Saatnya Pemimpi jadi Pemimpin”.

And then we give out invitation through conventional and digital media. Even conduct seminars and PR activities. After few weeks it spreads like wildfire in media, saying that Indonesia will have the brightest and youngest CEO in history. Of course they will only become a CEO for a week, but they’ll be doing the real job, real meeting and will also be written on the company CEO history. 

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Advertising Portfolio



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