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Street Musician



With over 3 million homeless people, homelessness is a problem in Indonesia. Which is why Rumah Musik Harry Roesli trains street kids to be musicians to have a better chance of making a living. And they needed help.



What if Indonesian street musicians could receive a contributions, from all around the world. Patreon is a content-creation platform that connects creators to patrons; where anyone can pay for - or commission - new art, video, and music. With Patreon, we were able to connect Merah Kuning Hijau, a band from the streets of Bandung, to patrons all around the world. Contributions for new music would then be donated to Rumah Musik Harry Roesli.



The campaign is just starting but has already gained a loyal following. However, they could always use more help. Please visit to become a patron, or to just help us spread the word.

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