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Remember Why We Love

Great Work in The First Place

Citra Pariwara 31



Citra Pariwara has been the beacon of Indonesia’s creativity in the last 31 years. Their theme for this year is to derive from industry’s observation of the fact that there is a serious lack of great and inspiring work out there.

In its 31st year, Citra Pariwara invites and encourages all creative practitioners to go back and re-ignite our purpose, the reason we exist. To ask ourselves why we fell in love with the creative industry, to begin with, and why our profession matters to us.


We got the chance to work on their campaign in 2018 that wish to remind creative workers that they were once a happy, passionate, and uncynical person who loves their job.

Enterance KV CP31 - 181109.jpg



Since it is a common secret that advertising these days only cares about target achievement, research, and neglecting the beauty of creativity.


To be able to do that, our idea was to create a series of visuals that talk about remembering the great work we used to love. We are portraying how innocence we all when the first time we see great work, just like a baby who amazes to see everything. Nothing beats the look in their eyes. A symbol of purity, innocence, and a new beginning.


Of course we also intentionally put up a grammatically false word with "Re".

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