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#TravelFakie Campaign

Jetstar Asia


The rapid growth of the budget airlines industry has enabled people to travel more. Although it goes without saying that ‘you pay for what you get’, the hassles sometimes experienced with these airlines have built the perception that a “low-cost” airline equates to “low services”.

However although awareness has increased recently, many Indonesians are still not aware of Jetstar as a low- cost airline for Indonesia.



We know that Indonesian or even all asian love to dream and to show off on their selfie, so we think that if we put these two phenomenon together in Indonesia, it's only a matter of time before everything really takes off.

Introducing the fake traveler selfie or Travel Fakie as we prefer to call them.

TRAVEL FAKIE /ˈtravəl/ˈfākē, -ki/


A selfie taken to make your followers believe you are traveling abroad on the adventure of a lifetime, when in fact you are still at home. This is a true art form of deception, only possible with imagination and practice.



The Travel Fakie is a thing in Singapore!, the excitement are also covered through several media across Asia, adding more impressions along the way.




It's adapted to Singapore!

Not to mention hundreds of submissions, 90.000 organic reach and the 200.000 Total impressions during one month activity only. All with a very limited budget.



They have to take a TravelFakie of them self for a chance to make it to their dream destination! The trick is to make it as fake as possible – they are free to use props, pose with friends or utilize their photoshopping skills.

Post the TravelFakie on the Jetstar Asia Facebook page or post on Instagram or Twitter and tag JetstarAsia with hashtag #TravelFakie and the real location to qualify!
The two best Masters of Deception will win a pair of tickets to their dream destination. Because they have to fake it till you make it.

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